Keep Your Furry Friend With Pet-Friendly Student Housing Options

College students who want to have a pet will be happy to know that pet-friendly apartments near LSU are available. You can keep your furry friend and enjoy all the benefits associated with student housing.

You will be able to enjoy a spacious floor plan that will allow you to have at least one roommate. You can also expect private outdoor space. If you decide to have one or more roommates, you can use the matching service provided through the apartment. You will sign an individual contract.

There are a variety of amenities that you can enjoy with fellow students in the complex. You can float in the pool, play volleyball, or bask in the sun on the tanning ledge. Don’t worry about getting out of shape. You will have access to a 24-hour fitness center. Other amenities include private study spaces, media rooms, a clubhouse, a hammock grove, and poolside gaming.

Students often find that getting pet-friendly apartments near LSU is beneficial in many ways. For example, having a dog, cat, or other pet helps them keep their anxiety and stress under control. With a dog that they take on regular walks, they get plenty of exercise. They also find that meeting friends is easier when having a dog since dogs often lead to conversations being started easily.

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