Keeping Cloths Beautiful For Each Use Jun20


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Keeping Cloths Beautiful For Each Use

Using tablecloths can keep the tables for special events clean before they are put away. When you use fancy tablecloths, there are a few tips to keep in mind for their care so that they look pristine in the future when you want to use them again. Try to keep the edges of the tablecloths used about 12 inches off the sides of the tables. This will give an elegant look while the cloths rest just above the laps of most people. It’s also easier to fold the tablecloths when they hang just over the sides of the tables because you can fold them in one direction lengthwise and in another direction according to the width. When the cloths are on the tables, try to have a pad between the table and the cloth to protect the table and to help in absorbing the heat from the dishes that are put down.

One way to clean fancy tablecloths so that you don’t ruin the material is to wash them by hand. They won’t be put through various cycles in a washing machine and dryer, which can keep any elegant details intact. You can usually use a spot cleaner if there are areas that are dirty. You can gently scrub the material after applying a cleaner before washing the entire cloth. Dry the cloths on low heat for only a few minutes. This will help to get wrinkles out of the material.

After your cloths are cleaned and dried, you can then store them until your next event. Consider rolling them around a cardboard tube to make it easier to unroll them on a table. Another option for caring for your tablecloths is to gently fold them before tucking them away in a linen closet. Avoid putting them with towels as they can get debris on them from the towels and washcloths.

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