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Keeping Vital Data Secure with Technological Changes

As a financial institution or other corporate entity, keeping sensitive information and other data secure is an important part of business as well as state and federal regulatory compliance. But are you sure your security executives are accurate in their self-assessment of organizing your companies security? They may feel confident, but are you sure? If not, taking advantage of a wide range of resources and training courses can be a vital addition to your security protocol and in-house training programs.

Vendor and Third-Party Management

A large part of security risks may not come from inside your own corporation, but could be due to a weak link in a vendor or other third party you work with. You may have above average or superior data security, but a breach in the system when dealing with third parties can cause issues for your executives in charge of data security for your corporation. Taking advantage of a vendor certification course or risk assessment program can provide you with more than enough information to see where security is weak and how changes can be made to improve it. Webinars and other courses specifically designed for third party management cover a variety of areas including but not limited to regulations, benefits of compliant programs, how to implement regulatory programs, and audit preparation. In addition, a wide range of courses can provide complete information for becoming a Certified Regulatory Vendor Program Manager.

Preparing for the Future

Technology is always changing and corporations are both expanding and shrinking, as well as changing vendors and working with new external and internal partners. With all of these changes, it can be hard to stay on top of regulatory compliance, data security and vendor management. With tools and resources available online, including a wide range of certification courses and training programs, not only can the head of your security team receive new certification in certain areas, but a wider range of your employee pool can learn vital skills necessary to stay on top of risk management. A number of key control areas can be addressed, and guidance from the OCC, FFIEC and FRB are included depending on the course you choose and the goals you have in place for your corporation. Once selected, your training program will help take your security team to the next level and assure your compliance with various organizations.

Don’t risk your data security. Take advantage of third party management courses through Compliance Education Institute today!

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