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Key Gas Fireplace Accessories To Consider

A gas fireplace is a very low maintenance option to a traditional wood burning fireplace in the home. As the gas line is run directly into the fireplace and there is no need for wood or pellets, there is also very little in the way of gas fireplace accessories required to enjoy the heat and the comfort of these models.

However, just because the gas fireplace doesn’t burn wood, it doesn’t mean you can’t add some traditional fireplace accessories. With a few carefully selected options in the way of gas fireplace accessories you can create just the look you want, have easier control over the fireplace, and even create a very traditional fireplace area.

A Touch of Traditional

If you choose the more traditional wood insert option or the combination of wood and larger rocks, you can add to your gas fireplace accessories with some traditional wood fireplace options. An iron log rack with some natural logs is a nice way to add an authentic touch and also give that natural wood scent to the air.

You may also want to add a set of fireplace tools, which will be ornamental of course. They can be used to enhance the sense of a real fireplace and are a nice traditional addition to the hearth area.

Control of the Fireplace

Most of the new gas fireplaces come with a remote control as part of standard gas fireplace accessories. This is a simple way to both turn the fireplace on and off as long as you are within sight of the fireplace. However, with new designs you can even dial in a temperature and have the system automatically adjust the heat output just like a thermostat for your furnace.

This is perfect for maintaining a comfortable temperature in any size of room. It also saves you from having to manually adjust the level of the flames in the fire to heat up or maintain a temperature.

Add a New Look

While larger river rocks and natural logs can look very traditional, there is also the option to choose gas fireplace accessories to make your fireplace look more modern or contemporary. Glass or small rock media in the base of the fireplace adds to the unique look of the flames, and can be selected to coordinate with larger stones and driftwood for a very aesthetically pleasing look.

With all the options in gas fireplace accessories, take your time to consider the look you want to achieve with the fireplace. You can be unique and contemporary or classic and traditional; the result will be a beautiful addition to any room.

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