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Kitchen Design Ideas for Your Beach House

If you have a lovely beach house in Pompano Beach, you may have a problem choosing a kitchen design. Decorating beach houses is different from other homes and here are some tips to give you new ideas. Hopefully, they can start the creative juices flowing and help you make the right decisions.

Go Bold

A beach house can have bold and lively colors because they are all about fun and entertainment. In fact, eye-popping colors add to the décor. Coastal Living suggests using a classic white kitchen and any vibrant colors you like. However, if you think your kitchen design is a little too bold or lively, you can tone it down with a wood floor or an island.

Eclectic is Fine

With many kitchens in South Florida, you should stick to a specific theme. For instance, you would not think of mixing traditional with modern. However, with a beach house, it is fine to blend textures, colors, and styles and you can get away with more than you think.

You can use stainless steel and white surfaces, and add wood if you want to. There are very few kitchen design rules you need to follow. Turn your imagination loose and go with chrome faucets and a gold backsplash.

Rustic Ideas

Many people enjoy a rustic appearance in beach house kitchens, and there are many things you can do with this décor. For example, you can use stone walls with barn wood and add ceiling beams. A breakfast bar with antique bar stools is a nice touch too. You may want to check out the local flea market and secondhand furniture stores in Pompano Beach to find some interesting things and get some more ideas for your kitchen. It is a good way to discover some unique decorating schemes and save some money on kitchen décor.

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