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Kitting Services – Challenges and Benefits

Third-party companies can perform the service referred to as kitting. This involves the compilation of various parts of a product and placing those products into a “kit.” The kit is then sent to a production unit which performs the assembly work. An experienced kitting services company can carry out these processes in a highly efficient manner, including order pulling, inventory accuracy, and inventory and warehouse management.

Kitting is Labor Intensive
The kitting process is comprised of various steps that are highly labor-intensive and can lead to errors if not done correctly and carefully. For instance, a picker may inadvertently mix up a particular part for another part due to the fact that the part numbers look similar. These types of mistakes can cause delays in production and lead to unnecessary extra expenses. For these reasons, it is important to have a quality outsourced part kitting operations company handle the work on your behalf. Having a third-party provider take on this work can allow you to focus on other important aspects of your business operations.

Custom Kitting Service Benefits
When manufacturers try to handle the organizing and compiling of their own parts, they run the risk of decreasing their productivity and losing time. A third-party provider can handle these time-consuming efforts in complex tasks on your behalf. With a reliable third-party kitting services provider in your corner, you can minimize the risk of mistakes involving large by mortars, and lost or misplaced parts.

Additional benefits provided through ticketing solutions include minimization of administration costs, quicker cycles of production, a reduction in purchase orders, higher efficiency use of space, improved packaging, a lesser number of shipping mistakes, and quicker assembly. Overall, the competitiveness and efficiency of your operations can be increased through quality third-party kitting services.

Efficiency and Accuracy
If you are ready to benefit from custom part kitting solutions provided by a seasoned third-party company, contact one of these providers serving your area to get started. You can enhance your warehouse operations in the realm of inventory management, logistics, and fulfillment through the application of these services on your behalf. Greater accuracy and efficiency for your production operations is available through effective kitting solutions.

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