Lawn Maintenance on Hilton Head Island SC for Rainwater Drainage Issues

Residential property owners who have problems with water pooling up in the yard may want to hire technicians who perform routine lawn maintenance on Hilton Head Island, SC. Better maintenance of the grass and the land can allow rainwater to seep into the ground faster instead of becoming areas of standing water. Those areas attract mosquitoes, and it also is not good for the grass.

Underlying Problems

Initially, workers providing service for lawn maintenance on Hilton Head Island, SC, may need to make some changes to the ground and the landscaping to improve drainage. The soil may have a high level of clay content, which drains rainwater inefficiently when saturated. Another problem would be a residential property that was built on swampy land that stays damp for days after a storm.

French Drain Installation

One effective solution the workers may suggest is the installation of a French drain. They build a graded trench that includes a perforated pipe. The trench is then filled with gravel. The system directs water away from the building to a place where it will not create standing water.

Adding Compost to the Soil

Lawn maintenance workers can work dead leaves and other organic material into the soil, which also improves drainage. The compost absorbs rainwater and keeps it away from the surface. Compost also is an efficient and natural fertilizer for the grass. All of this work can be completed by technicians with Scientific Turf Inc., which provides information on its services.

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