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Leaky Basement? 3 Reasons Why You Should Take Care of the Problem Now

You’ve noticed some water seepage in the basement. That’s not really a big deal, is it? Actually, it’s in your best interest to take care of that leaking basement in Oakville as quickly as possible. If you need some motivation, consider these factors.

The Odor Isn’t Appealing

If you think the basement smells musty now, wait until next week or the week after. That water seepage is only going to make the odor worse. It won’t be long until it begins to drift up the basement stairs or into the air conditioning ducts and affect other parts of your home. You’re better off taking care of the problem now while it’s still relatively contained.

More Damage to the Foundation

There may already be some tiny cracks in the foundation. If you choose to not do anything about that leaking basement in Oakville, the water will only make it easier for those cracks to get bigger. Along the way, a few new ones will appear. Rather than allow more damage to take place to your foundation, take care of the problem now.

And Then There’s Mold

Mold creates an unhealthy environment in that leaking basement in Oakville. The mold spores will also begin to spread to other parts of your house. That could cause several health issues for you and your family. Who wants to sneeze constantly, endure watering eyes and feel as if a chest cold is coming on? Now is the time to repair the damage, get rid of the mold and waterproof the basement, so you don’t have this same problem again.

You don’t have to do all the work yourself. There are professionals who can seal points of entry, remove the mold and waterproof your home. Once you have taken care of any leaks, your home will be better and healthier.

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