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Learning About Various Types of Whiskey and Craft Bourbon in Sonoma County

As men and women begin trying different types of alcoholic beverages, they learn about a broad range of products and decide which ones they like best. It can take time to understand the variety even within one particular kind of alcohol. When someone first samples craft bourbon in Sonoma County, for instance, this individual may not yet realize that bourbon is a type of whiskey.

Types of Whiskey

There are other kinds of whiskey as well, including Scotch and rye. The main component of Scotch is malted barley. The main component of rye is obvious because of its name. Bourbon has at least 51 percent corn in the mash. Several other kinds of whiskey are available, such as Tennessee and Irish versions.


Many people have their favorite form of whiskey and a preferred brand. After drinking samples of various types over time, they start to appreciate the very noticeable and more subtle differences. They might try some of the most popular brands as well as craft bourbon in Sonoma County. Craft beverages are produced in smaller batches by smaller organizations.

About Bourbon

Bourbon is generally sweeter than other types of whiskey because of the corn content. Bourbon that has a significantly higher percentage of corn than is required is sweeter than those with an abundance of other grains. To qualify as bourbon, the liquid must be aged in charred oak. This gives it a smoky flavor that can be mild or pronounced.

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