Learning Cosmetology And Hair Design From Hair Schools In Pittsburgh Feb28


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Learning Cosmetology And Hair Design From Hair Schools In Pittsburgh

A Beauty Academy offers everything from hair design to nail design. Makeup, hair, and nails are all part of the beauty regime for most women. Some artists choose to learn all of them. For other artists, hair is the only aspect they wish to know. Hair Schools in Pittsburgh offer the opportunity to learn cosmetology and hair design. There is a particular course offered for this skill-set.

Academic, Practical, and Clinic Studies

Learning about hair design is not as simple as studying from a book. While there is a typical academic lesson to be learned, there are also practical applications and clinic time as well. The course is compromised of each of these three sections to ensure there is times of focused learning, and times of hands-on experience. Visual aids and demonstrations are utilized in the academic and practical portions of the class. While the clinical aspect involves working with real people.

Over 1000 Hours of Coursework

‘There are over 1000 hours of coursework to participate in. A cosmetology and hair design course actually takes 1,250 hours to complete. It is designed to fully prepare the student for their state exam. Students taught in Pennsylvania must complete the PA State Board of Cosmetology Exam.

Required Level of Achievement

Before any clinic work is offered, students are first required to reach a certain level of achievement. All basic academic information must be learned first. Students must complete at least 300 hours of academic courses, and receive a 75% score overall before they can step foot in a clinic.

Textbook Utilized

The Milady Standard Cosmetology Text Theory is the textbook used while learning cosmetology. There is also a practical workbook provided, along with final exam review material. These books and materials offer proper instruction on various techniques needed.

Hair Schools in Pittsburgh offer the complete learning experience for cosmetology and hair design. South Hills Beauty Academy is one option. Students looking to get started with the school can fill out the contact form online. A mandatory 85 percent attendance rate is necessary at this facility. The school provides all the information one could need to pass their state exam and become fully certified in hair cutting and design. You can also like them on Facebook for more information.

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