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Learning What to Do When a Wrongful Eviction Occurs

Eviction in California is a thorny business because it cannot be done with the simple wave of a hand. Someone who is being evicted has a number of rights that must be respected by their landlord, and landlords must go through a regimented process to ensure that their eviction is legal. Wrongful eviction often happens because people do not understand their rights, and they may be protected by an Oakland wrongful death attorney who handles many personal law cases in the area.

The Eviction Requires Notice

Late payment notices must have been sent to the tenant, and a notice of intent to sue for eviction must be shown to the tenant. Tenants cannot simply be kicked out of their homes when they have not made payment. They must be carried through the eviction process by their landlord.

Filing for Wrongful Eviction

Contacting an Oakland wrongful death attorney will ensure that all personal law matters may be handled in the quickest way possible. A lawsuit may be filed for wrongful eviction to keep the tenants in their home while the case is litigated, and the attorney will ensure that their rights are respected. Landlords who have not followed all the steps cannot legally evict, and they will be forced to keep their tenants in many cases.

Acting Quickly

Anyone who has been threatened with eviction must contact an Oakland wrongful death attorney who is skilled in many personal law matters. Landlords may force out tenants who do not know their rights, and a quick phone call to a lawyer will help stop the process dead in its tracks. Landlords must be faced with the proper legal procedure for eviction, and they often back down when contacted by their tenant’s new attorney.

Bracamontes & Vlasak are full-service attorneys in California who protect clients from a number of personal law problems including eviction. The firm understands current laws governing tenant and landlord rights in the state of California as they pertain to leases, rent, and eviction notices.

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