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Listening to the Divorce Attorney in Dayton OH

No one intends to get divorced as they walk down the aisle. The fact is that many marriages will not make it to the five year anniversary. Now that the decision has been made to end the union, hiring a Divorce Attorney in Dayton OH is the only practical thing to do. Along with engaging the services of that attorney, it also pays to listen closely to the counsel provided.

Maintaining a Low Profile

Whatever the circumstances surrounding the demise of the marriage, the Divorce Attorney in Dayton OH will likely recommend that the client avoid any situations that could be viewed as compromising, at least until after the papers are signed and the judge has approved the petition for a divorce. This could mean staying out of the clubs or not being alone with certain people until the divorce is a done deal. Even if there is not actually anything happening that could provide ammunition for the opposing party in the divorce, keeping all activities above reproach will keep things less complicated.

Communicating Through Legal Counsel

Another suggestion that the attorney will make is to not discuss the terms of the divorce without legal counsel present. This is particularly important if the divorce is not amicable. Rather than running the risk of saying something that could complicate the negotiations for a reasonable settlement, make sure that all queries are communicated through the attorneys. Doing so will ensure there is no question about what was asked and what the response happened to be.

Avoiding Discussion of the Divorce with Third Parties

While it may be tempting to discuss details of the marriage or the divorce proceedings with friends and others, the attorney will likely urge discretion on the part of the client. Once something is said, it can easily begin to make its way through the social grapevine. By the time it gets back around to the other party in the divorce, it may or may not bear much resemblance to the original remark. Rather than running the risk of causing additional ire, it is a good idea to remain tight-lipped until the divorce is a done deal.

Remember that the divorce attorney is working to protect the interests of the client. By providing full cooperation, the chances of settling the matter quickly are greatly enhanced.

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