Living with Back Pain: Treatment and Care

Back pain is normal at the end of a long day of being hunched over at your desk. It’s easy enough to ease the knotted muscles on your shoulders and back, though. Sleep and rest can do a lot to improve things. However, if the pain persists for more than a week or two, and it starts affecting your day to day activities, it might be prudent to seek out the help of a professional and know more about back pain treatment in Delaware.

Simple muscle strain

You might be dealing with a simple muscle strain. Try and get enough rest for a day or two. Steer clear of any physically-demanding activities, especially anything that exerts pressure on your spine. Get over the counter pain medication to help you deal with the pain. In the first 48 hours, you can apply a cold pack to help ease the inflammation. After 48 hours, though, apply a heat pack to relieve the tension in your muscles.

Back care measures

Low impact exercises can help. You can raise your heart rate without jarring your spine. This way, you still get the exercise you need to promote healthy blood circulation without any negative effects on your spine and back pain. Try walking around since this can also improve your health. It’s easier to deal with back pain when you’re fit and in tip-top shape.


Back pain treatment in Delaware can involve finding ways to reduce and manage the pain to improve function and mobility. This is common in patients who live with chronic back pain due to arthritis and other joint-related disorders.

Signs of emergency

In case you get an unexplained fever along with your back pain, bowel or bladder incontinence or in some cases, acute abdominal pain, seek out emergency assistance right away, says Spine-Health.

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