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Looking Into Roll-Off Dumpster Rental In Stockbridge, Ga

When looking into roll-off dumpster rental in Stockbridge, GA, you probably have a lot of items that you need to dispose of. You could be doing a renovation, or you could be cleaning out an estate. You may think that you can throw just about anything into the dumpster, but that isn’t the case. Some items like chemicals, paint, and flammable items are not supposed to be thrown in dumpsters. Following is a list of items that you can dispose of in your dumpster.

Yard Waste

If you’ve been doing a lot of work on your yard, yard waste is an item that can go into your dumpster. You can put everything from shrubs to tree limbs inside. Check with your local city government regarding how much yards debris can go into your dumpster. Some areas have limits.


If you’re throwing away appliances, you should know that most can be disposed of in dumpsters. This includes everything from dishwashers to microwaves. One thing to keep in mind is that refrigerators are usually not accepted. Water heaters are also not accepted because they can collect gases that could build up and cause an explosion. Check with your local sanitation department if you have to get rid of a refrigerator or other banned item.


Electronics are usually allowed in dumpsters. This includes everything from TVs to computers. Some areas do require e-waste recycling, so talk with your sanitation department to find out if that applies to you.

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