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Making Waves – How to Create the Ultimate Ride with a Pool Water Slide

A pool party is defined by the atmosphere. If you’ve never hosted a pool party before, don’t blow the whistle. Instead, charge forward and follow these steps.

Set a Budget

A budget will help you stay on track. If you’re going to throw a low-scale family pool party, aim for a budget of $200 to $500. For about $200, you could easily buy a quality inflatable pool slide for a small crowd.

If you want to save cash, rent the accessories instead of buying them. You could rent:

  • A large inflatable pool slide for teens
  • An inflatable obstacle course with a water slide for athletic kids
  • Inflatable floaties for kids and adults

Weigh the Options

Modern pool water slide come with fantastic features, so you must strongly consider what each product brings to the table. The features matter because they can raise the fun factor and the cost.

If you want to go big, here are a few products you should have on your radar:

  • A large inflatable water slide with a tunnel
  • An inflatable pool side with a theme
  • An inflatable water slide with sections
  • An inflatable slide with a platform.

Make Strategic Considerations

All pool slides are not created equal. In order to stay safe, you must buy a proper slide that can accommodate the crowd. If you’re throwing a party for two to four kids, go with a small slide. For a big party with many guests, you’ll need a large, durable, heavy-duty slide.

Get in Gear

You don’t have to go out of your way to buy a quality pool water slide. Just contact WOW Sports LLC today.

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