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Micro Molding Solutions

Micro molding is one of the most cost effective methods of mass producing small parts or objects. Some important components which are used in decorating, automotive, assembly of equipment and machinery and in dozens of other applications are micro molded. Industries including the medical and chemical industries must adhere to minute specifications to appear or function as intended. Micro molding involves, of course, the production of small items, but they must in most cases conform to exact replications of the prototype. This is particularly important when there are other components which are dependent upon the integrity of the micro molded component.

Considerations Must be Made for Micro Molded Components

The size, specifications, weight, design and texture are all factors which can make the difference in the quality of micro molded products. Some of the smallest parts can end up being vital to the proper function of a device. Industries that depend upon the exact replication of certain parts which are used as fasteners, connectors or housing for other components require an exact fit in order for the parts to be suitable for use in the manufacture of their products. Some micro molded parts must include tiny threads to accommodate screws or other threaded ends which hold an item together.

How Precision is Accomplished for Micro Molding

Engineers consult with the businesses placing the order for the specifications of the parts to be produced. If there is uncertainty about the specs, a prototype may be constructed and upon approval, used as the basis for mass production. Auto CAD programs are used to achieve perfection in the design plans. The molds used for production are finely crafted with attention to fine details that could interfere with the functionality of the part if not perfect. The proper technique for production is chosen by experts in the field of micro molding, using the appropriate materials. The exact manufacturing process is perpetuated resulting in the mass production of identical products.

MicroPep is a company which specializes in plastic micro molding processes. They are a leading manufacturer who strives to provide the highest quality products for their customers. If you have questions or concerns about designing a part or component to improve the quality of your products or operations, their expert engineers are available to provide consultation and services in engineering and design. For more information about their micro molding services and solutions, visit their website at Pepmicropep.com.

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