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Microfocus X-Ray Source

The Microfocus x-ray source was designed for nondestructive viewing. The focal point is small and will prevent blurring of the x-ray that often happens with other tubes. THis a sharper image when enlarged, even with 3D imaging. Finding the right manufacturer will ensure that you are getting the best quality Microfocus X-ray source.

High Resolution Design

The right manufacturer will offer the high-resolution results that you should expect from a Microfocus source. The design will be well-thought out and provide you with the easy to install attributes that you want. The design factors should include:

  • Support non-destructive testing
  • Generate very small focal spots
  • Options

The goal with this type of source is to provide non-destructive testing options that are required in specialty testing and are able to generate very small focal areas. The right manufacturer will also offer options for focal ranges and will have the proper design that meets a wide range of needs that you can depend on.

Quality Control

Having the dependable tubes that you need to meet your client’s requirements depends heavily on having the support of a dedicated manufacturer. The right manufacturer will provide you with quality tubes that you feel confident associating with your name. Quality control across the board is a very important component when you are considering your source for tubes, regardless of the type. The right manufacturer will have earned their reputation by providing the tubes that are easy to use, reliable and long lasting.

The Resource

Professionals know that Micro X-ray Inc., is the resource that provides the quality, reliability and design that is trusted. Micro X-ray Inc., has the commitment, the engineers and the facilities to produce state of the art tubes that improve the reliability of your x-ray equipment.

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