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Millions are Injured by Dangerously Defective Products Every Year

As per the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, more than 21,000 deaths occur every year from dangerously defective products. Millions of other people are injured by them. The law of product liability deals with personal injury claims and lawsuits against everybody from the manufacturer of a dangerously defective product down to its retailer.

How Might a Product Be Defective?

According to our defective products attorney in San Antonio, a product might be dangerously defective in one of three ways:

  • Design Defect. This defect comes from the drawing board, plans and blueprints. When a design defect occurs, all of the products in the line are dangerously defective.
  • Manufacturing Defects: Only a few of the products in the line are dangerously defective, and they somehow passed inspection, went into the stream of commerce and were purchased by consumers.
  • Marketing Defects: These are connected with instructions for a product and warnings of its dangers like information sheets on medications or warnings on lawn mower discharge chutes.

Strict Liability

If a product has been proved to be dangerously defective, what’s known as strict liability attaches. Defenses to strict liability like alteration or misuse of the product exist though.

If you live or work in or around San Antonio, and you or a family member were seriously injured by what you believe was a dangerously defective product, don’t throw the product away. Save it, and contact the defective products attorney in San Antonio at right away at the Law Office of Jesse Hernandez. You can arrange for a free consultation and case evaluation by calling 210-807-8656.

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