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Mistake to Avoid When Choosing an MBBS Abroad

Students in India with the desire to become a doctor face a significate set of obstacles in achieving their goal. The number of MBBS seats within the country is limited, and the number of students that apply is staggering. The cutoff level to get into these programs limits access to all but the top few thousand applicants, leaving tens of lakhs of students with the only option to wait to write the NEET exam the next year.

The cost of an MBBS at a government or private medical college or university is another factor to consider, even for those earning a seat. The financial costs can be overwhelming for the student and the family, with the cost of PG after the MBBS another factor to consider.

These issues make an MBBS abroad an attractive option for any Indian student. However, avoiding common mistakes is important to ensure the graduate student can practice medicine in India, the USA, and most countries around the world.

Mistake: Not researching the school

Universities and medical colleges around the world recruit Indian students for their MBBS abroad. Not all of these programs are recognized in India or other countries. Take the time to research the program, the clinical rotations, and the placement of prior graduates into qualifying PG programs.

Mistake: Not researching the country

Not understanding the climate, the political environment, and even the cost of living in different countries can be easily overlooked by the student. When choosing a location for an MBBS abroad, look for a university and campus that offers Indian cultural events, food choices, and the opportunity to interact with Indian students and faculty.

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