Mobile Wastewater Treatment Nationwide For Providers a Reality Sep09


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Mobile Wastewater Treatment Nationwide For Providers a Reality

Compliance and convenience underscore the utility of advanced mobile wastewater treatment systems for many industries including animal water supplies, livestock, pharmaceuticals, and oil & gas, particularly within frac water clean up and reduction. A multi-step procedure entails removing impurities like bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants from flowing water without the need for chemicals. Whether it’s saltwater, brackish water, or even freshwater, the setup can be erected just about anywhere for a number of projects.

Containers encapsulating uniquely designed mobile wastewater treatment systems are built to be tough, rugged, and are meant to run for extended periods of time. Stainless steel container housing is heavy enough to allow sway, yet light enough for a small crane or two when lifting the unit is necessary. Units are elevated and placed on a flat-bed trailer to improve air circulation during process management.

Due to quality design, maintenance activity on the units is expected to be preventative and only happen once to twice a year. In this way, downtime mitigation is effortless. Most times, technicians will only require a day to accurately diagnose any issues and explore available solutions.

Water treatment protocols start with microfiltration – the integral process where small contaminants are passed through a porous membrane at a high crossflow rate so the solids can be removed thoroughly. Hydroxyl radicals go further to remove organic materials.

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