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Moving Tips From International Movers Near Philadelphia

Any move is a stressful event, but there is perhaps nothing so stress-inducing as a move to another country. Moving overseas requires long-range planning and the organization of hundreds of details to ensure that the move is successful. The following are a few moving tips from International Movers Near Philadelphia.

Contact The Embassy

Speaking with staff at the consulate or embassy of the destination country is a good way to get started. An embassy staff member can help to clarify what type of visa and what other documents will be needed. Some people go a step further and hire an immigration attorney to help them with all the immigration paperwork. It’s good to start this process well in advance of the actual move.

Book An International Moving Company

The next step is to arrange for the removal of household belongings. Not every moving company does international moves, so it’s important to find a company willing to help and then book their services at least a month in advance. People who move in the summer, typically the busiest season for movers, may need to make an appointment even further in advance.

Make Arrangements For Health Care

Another important detail to consider is health care. When moving to another country, people need to know how they will access medical services and what kind of insurance they need to purchase. In addition, they need to make arrangements for getting medications they rely on that might not be available in the destination country. In addition, international prescriptions may not be honored.

Make Decisions About Belongings

There’s nothing like an impending overseas move to make people question how much they really need their possessions. Moving can be a great opportunity to purge and get rid of things that are no longer being used or no longer valuable. In general, random possessions can be shipped abroad, they can be saved in a storage unit, and they can be sold or donated.

In addition to these tips, people who are moving abroad should spend some time researching their options. One team of International Movers Near Philadelphia offers consultations to help people make a plan for their move. To learn more, visit Olympia Moving & Storage. You can also follow them on Twitter for more information.

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