Mulch Suppliers in Hartford CT and The Fantastic Benefits of Mulching Apr02


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Mulch Suppliers in Hartford CT and The Fantastic Benefits of Mulching

Every year as spring approaches, passionate gardeners start thinking about how they can top last year’s offering. One of the most important tools for a dedicated gardener is mulch. Mulching is so important to the health and welfare of your garden that you really need to know what the clear benefits of it are.

Mulching is applying a protective barrier over your garden soil. Mulch can be consist of organic materials like bark or wood chips, grass or leaf clippings, pine needles and straw or non-organic materials like plastic, recycled rubber or river rock. Whatever type of mulch is used, they all tend to provide the same benefits to a garden.

Weed Control

No matter the type of mulching substance you use, the amount of nasty weeds that spring up in your garden will be reduced greatly. That’s because mulch acts as a direct barrier between the weeds and sunlight. This barrier prevents sunlight from reaching the weed seedlings in the soil, and that inhibits their growth.

Moisture Retention

Maybe the biggest advantage of mulch is that it helps retain moisture in the soil below it. Both organic and non-organic mulches limit the amount of water evaporation that can take place. This is especially helpful when dry spells hit or if you live in an area where it doesn’t rain as much.

Erosion Prevention

Mulch provides protection from erosion caused by water or wind. Since a layer of mulch acts as a shield between garden soil and the elements, it reduces the force that storm water or wind can have on your garden.

Appearance Improvement

Mulch just makes your garden look better. Adding river rocks or a nice chipped mulch on top of your soil improves the appearance by giving it a nice finished look. Gardens can look a bit stark without the additional decorative properties that a layer of mulch will provide.

You can buy bags of mulch at your local home-improvement store or get it delivered in bulk by Mulch Suppliers in Hartford CT. The choice should be based upon the size of your garden and whether you have a vehicle to transport the mulch yourself. If you’re looking for Mulch Suppliers in Hartford CT, you need to check out Dunning Sand and Gravel. They are an environmentally-friendly company that has been around for almost 100 years and provides high-quality mulch.

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