Need an Animal Doctor in Clifton, VA? Consider a Veterinary Clinic

Responsible pet owners in Clifton, Virginia want to do everything they can to give their animals long, healthy lives. With that in mind, they tend to be careful when choosing an Animal Doctor in Clifton VA. Many find that the answer is to trust their pets’ care to Crosspointe Animal Hospital. The facility is staffed with skilled, caring professionals. Their services include routine well care as well as preventative, surgical, and dental procedures.

Clinic Staff Can Provide Well Care

Pets can only live full lives if they are healthy, so many owners rely on a veterinary clinic’s Animal Doctor in Clifton VA for well care services. Clients often begin taking their animals to clinics when they are only a few weeks old. That allows vets to examine them and evaluate their health. They can identify any problems that need to be corrected and explain the best ways to feed and exercise pets. Patients get vaccines as well as flea and tick treatments. Staff members can set up schedules for regular checkups designed to keep patients feeling their best through every life stage.

Veterinarians Offer Pet Dental Services

Animal owners also trust clinic vets for pet dental care. Just like humans, animals can get sick if they have gum or tooth problems. While all veterinarians can detect these issues, animal hospitals are equipped to provide in-depth preventative procedures and solutions. Vets can x-ray teeth, remove plaque, and treat teeth that have been damaged. They perform oral surgery under anesthesia. Animal doctors routinely deep clean patients’ teeth during surgeries. They also perform more complex procedures, such as removing oral tumors.

Vets Perform On-Site General Surgery

Animal clinics are equipped to provide a full range of pet surgeries. Facilities include state-of-the-art surgical suites and recovery areas. Hospitals have diagnostic resources such as EKG’s, ultrasound equipment and on-site labs. As a result, they can make quick diagnoses and surgically treat injuries immediately. Vets routinely perform orthopedic surgery as well as spaying and neutering.

The staff at a full-service veterinary clinic provides well care for a variety of pets. Animal hospitals also offer complete pet dental services. In addition, they have the personnel and resources to provide a variety of on-site surgical procedures. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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