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Need Emergency Dental Services? Manahawkin Dentist Offers Walk-in Services

Have you ever gotten a toothache late on a Friday afternoon and you walk the floors in pain all weekend until you can make a call for a dental appointment on Monday? The only thing you can do just to make it through the night is take an over the counter pain reliever every three or four hours until the pain begins again. Do you know that a Manahawkin Dentist offers walk-in emergency services even on a Saturday? Many people don’t know this and suffer through the entire weekend. Emergency care covers chipped and broken teeth, root canals, damaged veneers and extractions. If you’re a denture wearer and you’ve broken your dentures, you know what a life saver it’s going to be to have a dentist nearby who’ll repair them in an emergency.

Once you meet the dentist and his staff, you’ll also be surprised to find out that you can get just about every procedure you need for your teeth performed right there. If you want Cosmetic Dentistry procedures such as teeth whitening, crowns, implants and invisalign braces, the Manahawkin Dentist offers a full range of dental services. You won’t have to travel outside of town to obtain that beautiful smile you want. The gentle and caring dental hygienists will X-ray your teeth, clean them and show you how to prevent cavities the right way when you’re home. The dentist will correct any problems you’re having while providing preventative care and treatments to your teeth.

Many dentists also offer financing to patients because they know most insurance plans won’t cover the entire service. There are *new patient* welcome specials where you can save a huge amount of money when you have your X-rays and cleaning at your first appointment. You can talk over financing at the office after the dentist and you decide exactly what procedures you need along with the procedures you want. There are financing options for every patient allowing you to have the proper care you need for your teeth. Some options even cover implants and Cosmetic Dentistry.

Don’t walk the floors, walk in to the office and meet the people who are going to help you get over the pain of an abscessed tooth, even on a Saturday.



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