Nobody Wants to Spend Half of Their Weekend in a Crowded ER

It is early in the morning on a Saturday and you have fallen and think you might have broken your arm. If you go to an emergency room, you are apt to have to wait for hours since your injury is not a true emergency. Rather than wasting time in an ER, consider going to an urgent care walk-in clinic in Clovis. At an ER it is never first-come first served, you will be bumped time and time again as patients with life-threatening illnesses and injuries come in. At an urgent care clinic, your wait time tends to be less then what you wait at your doctor’s office and they treat not only illnesses and injuries, but perform diagnostic testing, physicals, and offer other services as well.

What Can Clovis Urgent Care Offer You?

If you need treatment for a non-life-threatening illness or injury, then an urgent care walk-in clinic will be perfect for you. The services you can receive run the full gamut of medical services, including but not limited to:

  • Issues with your skin such as rashes from poisonous plants and even acne

  • For your gynecologic needs your can be treated for menstrual pains, menopausal issues, and pregnancy.

  • Illnesses such as colds, flu, kidney stones, and UTIs to name a very few.

  • Help for pain from cuts, burns, scrapes, and back pain up to and including fractures.

  • Injuries caused by work-related accidents.

  • The staff can run diagnostic testing like EKGs, x-rays, HIV/STD tests, and blood work.

  • You can even make use of preventive care services.

When to Make Use of a Clinic

Of course, if you are suffering from a traumatic injury, heart attack or stroke, go directly to an emergency room. For issues such as those listed above you can save yourself a great deal of time and money by making use of an urgent care walk-in clinic in Clovis. The typical wait time to be seen by a doctor is generally less then 30 minutes. The Clovis Urgent Care Clinic does everything listed herein, and the staff and the doctors will exceed every expectation!

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