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Nonsurgical Options Doctors in Jacksonville May Use to Treat Spine Pain

You may be thinking about visiting a Jacksonville spine center if you have chronic or acute spine pain. The treatments that are offered will be based on why you have the pain. Surgery is usually the last method that is recommended. Here are a few nonsurgical options that may be suggested to help you overcome your spine pain.

There is a lot to be said for living a healthy lifestyle when trying to address spine pain. For example, if you can visit with a physical therapist, you will learn how to do exercises that will strengthen your core. You will also get help trying to lose weight if it is necessary.

A doctor at a Jacksonville spine center may recommend that you reduce the amount of inflammatory foods in your diet, which can make your spine pain worse. They may also make recommendations on how you can adapt to your chronic pain. For example, they may recommend that you carry fewer groceries from your car to your house or take breaks more often while cleaning up the yard.

For some individuals, injection-based treatments may be recommended. These are used if the doctor knows why you are dealing with the pain. These injections may be able to reduce the pain for a short amount of time. However, injections are not usually used as a long-term solution.

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