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Orthopedic Physical Therapy

There are different types of physical therapies, all of which tend to focus on different conditions. If you have suffered an injury or an illness that affects your complete musculoskeletal system, you will want to coordinate treatment with an orthopedic physical specialist. Venice physical therapists focus on treating different types of orthopedic conditions. These conditions include ligament sprains, tendon injury, and muscle strain. These specialists also work closely with patients, helping them to regain their normal range of motion and with the restoration of function. They do so using several injury specific exercises and manual techniques.

Orthopedic physical therapy can be further divided. Pediatric treatment focuses more on orthopedic injuries common in childhood, including growing pains, scoliosis, and bone fractures. Geriatric treatments are geared towards orthopedic injuries more often than not suffered as a result of the aging process. Geriatric treatments include joint replacement physical therapy, balance training, and joint pain. Sports orthopedic treatment focuses on sports-related injuries such as ACL tear, sprained knees or ankles, hamstring injury, and more. The specialists at Total Therapy Florida are all qualified to assess the condition of a patient as well as designing safe, effective rehab programs.

The objective of physical therapy is to develop programs that are unique to the needs of each patient. The programs are designed to reduce pain, augment joint replacement physical therapy, help the patient regain lost mobility, and give patients the tools that are needed to allow them to gauge their physical limitations. The manner in which these goals are achieved varies. For example, manual therapy may be employed to stimulate key tissue and accelerate the speed of full recovery. Venice physical therapists also teach their patients the right way to perform exercises designed to improve mobility and alleviate discomfort. The therapist has numerous tools available. These tools include specific exercise apparatus, soft tissue mobilization tools, and assistance appliances.

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