Our Moving Day Survival Guide

The actual task of moving can be a lot to handle, even if you try to break it down into little steps. How do you approach packing, for example? You don’t want to necessarily start dumping everything into boxes with no plan. You need at least a little bit of method to the madness. Packing well and keeping things organized will make your move go much more smoothly in the long run, both for you and for the team of professional movers in Waterford, MI assisting you through this transition. Here are a few tips worth considering.

Arrange a Bag of Necessary Belongings

There will still be a few things you need during the trip to your new places, such as snacks and sanitary items. You don’t want to have to stop your professional movers in Waterford, MI mid-trip to dig through your boxes and find things. Keeping a sack with the items you’ll need can save a lot of time.

Mark Your Boxes by Room

Once you’ve arrived in your new home, your next task will be arranging all of your furniture within their respective new rooms. However, finding what goes where can be difficult unless you create a system. Give every room a specific color and then mark the appropriate boxes with colored pens or tape. That way, you will know where to place what later on.

Keep All Clothing Storage Semi-Intact

It may be tempting to fold all of yours and your family’s clothing and put them into boxes. However, this could make it harder to unpack everything once you’ve made it to your new home. The solution isn’t to remove everything from hangers and drawers. Rather, fold your closet clothing with the hangers still in place. Let the clothing in your drawers remain there. Your drawers can be secured with plastic or some other covering during the move by your professional movers in Waterford, MI.

Changing Places Moving in Waterford, MI can make your move easier. Learn more by calling 248-674-3937 or checking out this website.

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