Pedestrian Accident Attorneys in Hawaii Represent Parents After Children Are Injured

Pedestrian accident attorneys in Hawaii represent injured persons or their families after a vehicle strikes a person on foot. Young children are the ones at most risk of pedestrian accidents, in which case the parents are the ones who need to hire the lawyer. Depending on the circumstances, the automotive insurer may dispute the case and attempt to blame the pedestrian. Having an experienced lawyer is important for proving that the driver was at fault.

Why Children Are at Greater Risk

Children are more likely to be involved in this kind of accident because they don’t understand traffic laws and they are more likely to forget rules their parents have taught them. One big fear for parents is having their child running into the street while chasing a ball. In this case, the driver may be absolved of liability. However, children are also more likely to be struck while walking along a road or crossing an intersection because they are small and not as visible as adults.

School Bus Incidents

Another common situation is when drivers attempt to pass a school bus and hit a child crossing the road. This is an illegal move, so pedestrian accident attorneys in Hawaii can use this to obtain compensation.

The car driver may try to excuse their actions in ways that can muddle the case. For example, a car driver who had been traveling in the opposite direction and did not stop may claim that the red lights did not come on until the car was alongside the bus. An investigation may have to be conducted if nobody can verify the bus driver’s and the car driver’s version of what happened. Either way, traveling past a stopped school bus is always a bad idea.

Relevant Statistics

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that 18% of pedestrians injured by vehicles each year are under age 16. Parents can contact an organization such as Yoshida & Associates if they are having trouble collecting financial compensation from the driver’s automotive insurance company. Details on this particular law firm can be found at the website

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