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Philadelphia Adult Day Care Centers can Help You and Your Loved Ones

When a loved one faces early stage dementia in Philadelphia, adult day care centers nearby can be quite helpful. Dementia can affect the patient as well as those around them. As a caregiver, you will need help as you begin this journey. These centers offer you support in many ways.

Physical and Cognitive Support

These day care centers provide planned activities and exercise that enhance your loved one’s health and happiness. This includes pet therapy, creative arts, physical and cognitive fitness, and music. All of this is offered in a protected and safe environment with medical services available.


Everyone needs friends in their lives, and those with dementia are no different. Socializing gives these patients better health, slower memory decline, and less stress. Adult daycare centers are great places for one to meet new friends and regain that feeling of being needed by others. All of this is accomplished in a safe and secure environment.

Extra Time for Caregivers

While you want to be there for those you love, you still have your own life to take care of. Adult daycare centers give you the time needed to tackle your own “to-do” list. Remember that you need to have time to work on your health and happiness too.

When looking for early stage dementia in Philadelphia adult daycare centers near me, you will be able to enjoy all of these benefits that they offer. Visit Main Line Adult Day Care Center at www.mainlineadultdaycenter.org/ to learn how to get started.

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