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Plan The Company Picnic With Catering in Scottsdale

Congratulations! You have just been promoted to a brand new job and you are now in the big corner office receiving a much higher salary. Unfortunately, no one told you that you would be responsible for the company social events. With your new job has come new responsibilities and key among them is the company picnic. Not only will employees and their families attend this event but the bosses will be in town as well. If, for whatever reason, this party does not go well you can kiss your promotion good bye.

In a situation like this it is of the utmost importance to secure the services of a top notch catering company. This is not the time to go cheap or to be slack on the details. After all it would be hideously embarrassing to run out of beverage simply because you miscalculated the number of attendees. This is why it is important to understand the business of catering. By following a few simple steps you can be the hero of the ball and win the respect of your bosses and fellow employees.

Catering in Scottsdale is not only a good business but it is a highly competitive business. This works to your advantage. With such a high number of possibilities you are now in the drivers seat when it comes to negotiations. Negotiations are the first step to finding a good catering service. Remember, the first number you hear is never the final number. When the caterer says that the cost will be 8 dollars per head you can rest assured that you will be able to lower that cost to $6.50. Not only will this save your company money but it will show your boss that you are competent and up to the task at hand.

Another important consideration for catering in Scottsdale is the number of guests that you hope to feed. A great rule of thumb is to add 50 to any final number. This will give you some added flexibility and it will allow the caterer some flexibility as well. Because catering in Scottsdale is so competitive, having these numbers on hand during the initial negotiations will show the caterer that you are not only serious but that you are prepared. Make your employees RSVP beforehand in order to have an accurate count. While the leg work up front can be daunting you will see the rewards on the back end.

Catering in Scottsdale is important and your job may just depend on it. Be the number cruncher that your boss sees you as and be prepared. Do not allow this event to overwhelm you. Follow these simple steps and you will be the toast of the party.

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