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Planning a Small Gathering After a Wedding at a Reception Room in Fort Wayne IN

Some engaged couples want a relatively small wedding and reception, and they plan to keep the event simple. Renting a reasonably priced reception room in Fort Wayne IN and having caterers serve tasty but affordable food items is a common strategy.

Reasons for a Smaller Gathering

Why do some couples prefer a smaller number of guests than the norm? They may want to save money instead of splurging on this one day, or their families may not be able to afford a big splash. Some couples like the idea of a more intimate ceremony and reception. Some have decided to get married quickly after they get engaged, and they don’t have time to plan for a large event.


Getting married in the late morning or early afternoon allows for a lunch reception at a location such as Classic Cafe Catering and Event Center. This isn’t a reception that goes on for several hours and it doesn’t feature a dance. Instead, the newlyweds, their bridal party and their guests may enjoy a sit-down meal or pick up foods they like from a buffet. Visit us online to learn more about this particular service.

A Memorable Day

Sometimes the smaller, more intimate weddings and receptions are more memorable simply because they aren’t as common. The average cost of a wedding in the United States as of 2019 is about $33,000, with 10 people in the bridal party.

Planning a Party for Later

Couples who feel bad about only inviting 15 or 20 people for their big day might plan to have a celebration party in a larger Reception Room in Fort Wayne IN a month or two later. This may not be possible for cash-strapped newlyweds, but those who had other reasons for the small ceremony may like the idea.

They can hire the same caterers if they were satisfied with the food and the service. The party might provide appetizers and perhaps some casual sandwiches, such as lunch meat or deli cheese on hamburger buns. A cash bar is completely acceptable at these gatherings, although the hosts might spring for a certain amount of free beer and soft drinks.

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