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Planning Environmental Remediation In Des Moines

In the Des Moines area, as well as across the state, there are numerous buildings, warehouses, facilities, and even storage locations that may be contributing to the contamination of the environment. The process of environmental remediation, Des Moines allows for the cleanup of these locations through specialized remediation services.

One of the top companies in the state providing these types of cleanup and removal services is Iowa Demolition. The company provides a range of services, from demolishing existing structures to soil and water remediation.

When it comes to remediation services, the experience and expertise of the company providing the environmental remediation in Des Moines are critical. These companies do all the advanced planning for both soil and water remediation, removing contaminants of all types, including asbestos, lead, coal ash, and even petroleum contaminants.

Understanding the Project

The remediation company has to effectively plan for the operation and know the processes to use to remove the contaminated soil or to manage pumping and disposal of contaminated water.

For a large number of projects, both soil and water remediation will be required. On projects where the water can be treated on-site, bringing in biosolid dewatering systems is often the most cost-effective option. This allows the contaminated water to be processed on the location, removing the contaminants for disposal while allowing the treated water to flow back into the water supply or groundwater system.

Effective planning on how to remove contaminants from the soil and the water on Des Moines sites begins with a complete site assessment. This identifies the specific contaminants and allows the company to choose the correct remediation process.

This is also an essential process in ensuring all remediation efforts are completed in full compliance with environmental regulations. Working with an experienced service provider ensures the remediation is both effective as well as fully compliant with local, state, and federal requirements. At Iowa Demolition, we provide full environmental remediation services for both soil and water.

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