Preserving the Memory of the Holocaust Jun11


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Preserving the Memory of the Holocaust

The holocaust was a tragic time in world history that led to the execution of 6 million people. When monumental tragedies happen, it is important to create an honorable way to remember the victims and celebrate their lives. History continues to transform the world by influencing new policies, presidential candidates, and has an impressionable effect on today’s culture.

A holocaust survivor story can take one into the depths of the concentration camps, help others understand the emotion and turmoil, and what it was like experiencing those events and not knowing if they’d survive. These stories, although sad, are hugely inspirational. Families were torn apart, unreasonable punishment was implemented upon a targeted group of people, and somehow the survivors managed to live to tell their story.

Their stories are a part of history that can only be seen through the eyes of the survivor. There are painful memories, but these recollections can help bring enlightenment for those who are interested in learning more. It’s important to take the opportunity to hear these stories firsthand while there’s still the opportunity.

The Zachor Holocaust Remembrance Foundation has dedicated its services to educating others about the holocaust by spreading awareness, using educational programs, outreach ministries, and online resources. The ultimate goal is to conserve the memory of the holocaust and to advocate for the global mindset of tolerance.

Join the movement that speaks out against bullying, violence, racism, and other injustices. Shout-Out for your voice to be heard in honor of the 6 million souls whose voices were silenced. Call for more information or visit to gain access to the curriculum and support the cause.

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