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Projects Handled by a Service Providing Commercial Cleaning in Long Island

Professional services for commercial cleaning in Long Island are available for a broad range of building types. The setting might be an office building, a grocery store, a school, a chiropractic clinic, a manufacturing plant, or any other business or institutional environment. Many of these organizations employ their own cleaning crews, but some would rather outsource the work. In addition, small offices may only need to be cleaned once a week, which means keeping cleaning experts on staff isn’t practical.

Types of Commercial Cleaning Projects

Commercial Cleaning in Long Island can include deodorization and sanitization services, which are essential in certain environments. A small office might mainly require vacuuming, dusting, and emptying of wastebaskets. In contrast, a chiropractic clinic may want the crew to disinfect the place every weekday because so many patients are seen during a routine day. The owner also may want the workers to do the basic floor mopping and other routine services daily so the clinic always looks impressive.

Owners of retail stores with hard flooring typically want those floors shined so they look sparkling clean. Stores with carpeting need to have that flooring vacuumed routinely. Retailers and other business owners may hire a crew to perform a deep cleaning on a schedule since not every area of the building needs attention daily or even weekly. Windows might be washed less often, for example.

Other types of more intensive cleaning may include stain removal from carpeting, steam cleaning of upholstery, and wiping down of all cabinetry. Light fixtures may need to be washed. A wide variety of custodial services are available for business owners who can Click here to learn more.

A Detailed Checklist

Before beginning a project, the cleaning service typically provides a detailed checklist for the customer so the workers and the client are completely in agreement about the tasks. If the customer notices something on the list that had not been considered, that can be checked and added to the project list. The client then has documentation in case anything on the list is neglected. Missing anything on the checklist should be a very rare occurrence. Customers should not hesitate to contact the company with any concerns.

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