Protect Your Lexington, Kentucky, Home From Damage With Gutter Guards Mar20


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Protect Your Lexington, Kentucky, Home From Damage With Gutter Guards

Gutter guards in Lexington, KY help prevent many forms of damage. Your gutters are there to make sure that rainwater and melting ice are directed away from the foundation of the house. They also keep ice and debris from backing up onto the roofline. When they don’t function properly, extensive damage can occur. Gutter guards can protect your home from this destruction.

Low Maintenance

Gutter guards provide a protective shield over the top of your gutter system that stops leaves and debris from preventing the gutters from working properly. Once installed, there is no need for routine cleanups or any professional work. This can save you time and money.

Prevent Corrosion

Wet leaves add to the corrosion and rust that can form on your gutter system. Once leaves and debris pile up, they can create further damage by allowing algae and mold to grow on the edge of your roof, putting your shingles at risk for deterioration.

Eliminate Infestations

Insects, rodents, and birds all love to make your gutters their new home. Their nesting materials keep the water from flowing, and the gutter system from working properly. A gutter guard doesn’t allow these creatures to move in and set up house.

When you take advantage of gutter guards in Lexington, KY, you save your hose from many severe issues. Call Affordable Exteriors to learn more.

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