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Protecting Teeth with Dental Crowns

Currently, cosmetic dentistry continues to grow in popularity with many individuals because of the number of procedures that is offered. These days there are several choices you can have performed to repair a discolored or missing tooth. Essentially, if you want to have a beautiful smile and protect your teeth there is no need to stress when you have the option of getting a crown. Even if you have a damaged or chipped tooth with a restoration dental treatment like a crown it will help repair your damaged teeth. If you are in need of a crown then you should turn to a dental clinic like Dundas Dental for their dental restoration service of crowns in Oshawa.

A Dental Crown Is Basically a Cap Placed Over a Tooth

A dental crown is essentially a cap that is positioned on top of a tooth. Crowns are made to fit the size and shape of a normal tooth. Thus the goal is to essentially restore the shape, size and strength of a tooth. Crown dental service is not only considered cosmetic but also restoration because it helps improve the appearance of a tooth or teeth and strengthens a tooth so it can function accordingly. After a crown has been set in place, it encases the entire visible portion of a tooth-the crown itself. When the procedure is done correctly by a cosmetic dentist the tooth function is completely restored.

Types of Crowns Available

There are several types of crowns available to you. The most common types of crowns are porcelain, composite, gold and stainless steel. The one you choose is totally up to you. However, if you would like a professional opinion you should speak to your dental professional to find out which choice will work perfectly for you. For more information about dental crowns in Oshawa, contact Dundas Dental by visiting their website today!

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