Questions for Tree Experts in Holmdel, NJ Apr17


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Questions for Tree Experts in Holmdel, NJ

The trees around your house shade your home on very sunny days, they serve as windbreaks in case of storms, and they help keep your lawn in place. The roots that grow from trees are important in keeping your lawn stable, however, trees cannot be allowed to grow unfettered in residential areas. In residential areas, you have to make sure the trees do not endanger your house, your car, or your neighbors.

If a tree is too tall, it can pose a risk in case of a storm. Also, as a tree grows, its branches can become very heavy, which can pose a risk as well. You need tree experts to help you deal with your ever-growing trees. Here are some questions you may have for them.

Can it Be Saved?

If a tree is starting to look too tall or even starting to look as if it is dying, you likely want to ask if it can be saved. There are several options for tree experts in Holmdel, NJ. They can prune a tree, lop it, or fell it. Felling a tree is the most drastic but it’s not always necessary. In the case of a tree that is growing too tall or that isn’t looking healthy, sometimes lopping it can work.

A team such as Barrett Tree Service can lop a tree, which is a method of removing the top of a tree. That can obviously shorten it but it can also spur growth outward instead of upward.

Can You Remove It?

If they do decide that a tree has to be felled, your tree experts should offer you a range of options for removal. If you don’t want to keep the wood for firewood or some other purpose, they should remove it for you. You should also ask about removing stumps.

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