RBTs Help Psychologists To Modify Behavior

A Registered Behavior Technician is a paraprofessional who is supervised by a board-certified behavior analyst. RBTs working in Applied Behavior Analysis Queens NY perform tasks in support of professional behavior analysts.

Behavior analysts evaluate clients, and then they come up with a plan to modify the behavior that has bad social consequences. First used to treat people with autism and intellectural disabilities, Applied Behavior Analysis Queens NY is now used in many situations. They include training parents, helping clients to battle substance abuse and improving the lives of people with dementia.

The tasks of RBTs working in Applied Behavior Analysis Queens NY fall into six categories: Measurement, Assessment, Skill Acquisition, Behavior Reduction, Documentation and Reporting, and Professional Conduct and Scope of Practice.

During the Measurement phase, they collect and record data and prepare graphs.

For Assessment, they carry out certain evaluations of the client as recommended by a behavior analyst. For the two stages Skill Acquisition and Behavior Reduction, they read the professional’s plan for behavior modification, and then they work with the client to implement those changes.

Documentation and Reporting requires that RBTs communicate verbally with their professional and make written reports to that person. They must also ensure that they are in compliance with regulations and complete documentation to support those fulfillment requirements. Finally, RBTs must clearly understand their responsibilities and adhere to ethical standards. With proper clearance, they may communicate with the client’s family and others. They always stive to maintain the dignity of clients.

Candidates who want to br RBTs must be at least 18 years of age and have a high school diploma or the equivalent and take 40 hours of training. They also must agree to a background check and pass both the RBT Competency Assessment and RBT exam to become certified. For more visit Path 2 Potential, LLC.

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