Reasons to Buy Used vs. New Feb12


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Reasons to Buy Used vs. New

Finding the right car for you can be difficult. When considering the options, one of the hardest is new vs. used, here is a list of why used cars can be your best option.

  • 1. Deprecation. It’s a word used a lot when talking about used cars, but it is not necessarily a bad thing. New cars lose almost 50% of their value in the first three years. If you are looking at a car as an investment, it is smarter to buy a used car, as their prices will be lower, and the car will still be running well.
    2. You Can Get a Bigger Vehicle for Less Money. Used cars, being less than their new counterparts, tend to cost less, which means you can save less for that car you’ve always wanted. By shopping used, what options you could get on the new car front will be significantly less than what you can get on the used car front.
    3. Certified Pre-Owned. Worried about car warranties? Most dealers and manufacturers offer some sort of warranty for used vehicles. There are many packages offered by dealers that will help you take comfort in buying a used vehicle. No more worrying about not having a warranty on your car!
    4. Variety. There is much more variety for your budget when shopping used. Not sure which vehicle you want? You’ll be able to look at many options, make, model, and package by buying used.
    5. Lower Insurance Costs. Used cars always have lower insurance costs, because the car’s value is what your insurance company considers when defining rates. You may not see the difference between your three-year-old car, compared to a new one, but your insurance company will.
    6. Vehicle History Reports. With these reports, your purchases become less risky. You know everything that has ever been an issue with your car, letting you know that these things have been fixed already. A new car can end up being a lemon and you’d have no idea until it happens. With a used car, you’ll know before buying.

Looking to Take the Next Step?

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