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Reasons to Consider Network Wiring in Frederick, MD

Wireless network connections are seemingly everywhere nowadays. Most every home is equipped with a wireless network router or two, and many homeowners enjoy the seeming ease of hooking up a new computer or other device to the Internet this way. Even most modern mobile phone providers offer wireless data connections at speeds that would have been unthinkable for the phone-based connections of only fifteen years ago, so it might seem to some that wired network connections are on their way out.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Although wireless network connections have their advantages, chief among them being the mobility they can afford to users, wired connections remain superior in several important ways. First, and perhaps most important, is that a wired connection serves as a closed environment over which data can travel quickly and reliably regardless of external conditions. Wireless connections, on the other hand, are subject to distortion, delay, and blockage depending upon the condition of the atmosphere through which they travel.

Wired connections also impose much less of a processing burden on the devices making use of them, and generally result in much quicker response times. Data traveling over a wireless connection must be encoded and decoded at the end points in a relatively complicated way, whereas wired connections allow data transmission over a very thin–and easily processed–transportation layer. This difference in transportation methods means that wired network connections often involve much less latency than wireless ones (a fact often taken notice of by users of multi-player video games) and generally provide much greater and more stable bandwidth.

Network wiring in Frederick, MD is therefore likely to be a good idea in many situations even where some might suppose that wireless routers would do the job. Those thinking of building a new house, for example, do well to arrange for it to be wired with Network cabling and outlets at the same time that electric and plumbing lines are being installed. Such a home will make the network connecting of computers, routers, televisions and other devices just as easy as plugging them in for electricity, and the network connections that are established this way are sure to be of the highest possible quality and reliability.

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