Reasons to Consider Wisdom Teeth Removal, Find a Professional in Chicago May09


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Reasons to Consider Wisdom Teeth Removal, Find a Professional in Chicago

The third molars, sometimes called wisdom teeth, appear in your mouth between ages 16 and 25. Many Chicago residents never experience an issue, though it can be uncomfortable when they erupt. If you’ve already got yours and experience no pain or issue, then you shouldn’t need wisdom teeth removal. However, most people do suffer at least some complications. Most problems happen when the tooth gets impacted, which is when it is covered, fully or in part, by bones or gums.

The Problems

Before you learn why you should get them removed, it can be helpful to learn what problems they can cause. These teeth can cause swelling and pain in the jaw, as well as irritated or inflamed gums. They can also cause bad breath, gums to bleed, and damage to the surrounding teeth.


Along with the complications listed earlier, there can be others. For one, there isn’t as much room in your mouth, and you’ve got four teeth coming in. If there isn’t enough space, it can push the other teeth together, which means there is no space between them. If they push together too much, it can put added strain on the teeth, which can cause pain. Wisdom teeth removal ensures that the structure of your mouth doesn’t change. Chicago residents can get them removed quickly and efficiently. While you may still experience some pain or discomfort afterward, it goes away within a few days, and you can eat normally again.

Cleaning Issues

Most people find that the third molars aren’t easy to clean. It’s tough to get your brush back that far, which means you may risk decay. The gums may also become inflamed or infected, especially if bacteria are allowed to sit too long.

Wisdom teeth removal is a simple process that can remove the third molars and reduce pain. Visit Chicago Smile Design in Chicago at to schedule a consultation. Follow us on google+.

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