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Reasons to Sell Your Business’s Default Judgment Lien on Real Property

After a civil court has awarded your business a judgment to collect on a debt, you then face the process of actually collecting what is owed to you. You find yourself having to deal with an unwilling and possibly hostile debtor who could go to great lengths to keep his or her money from you.

Rather than compromise your business’s financial integrity on a defaulted judgment on property, you could get most of the money from this debt upfront and with no commitment to it afterward. These reasons are some to sell your judgment lien on real property to a third-party collection service today.

Getting Upfront Cash

One of the primary benefits that comes with selling the judgment involves getting upfront cash for it. You otherwise would have to pursue the debtor and wait for him or her to pay you what this person owes to your company. Even if you get a judgment against the person’s property, it could be months or years before the property is even liquidated and its proceeds given to you.

Further, the debtor could file for an injunction through bankruptcy or financial hardship to delay or forgo paying you. You then are left with no money for your business at all.

The collection service can give you most or all of the judgment’s value upfront. It buys the debt and takes over its collection.

You can find out more about selling judgment on property online. Contact Mayflower Judgments to sell your judgment lien on real property today.

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