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Reasons to Waterproof a Basement in Fairfax VA

Whether the basement of a home is used as a home theater or simply as storage for holiday decorations, it needs to be just as safe as the rest of the home. The thing about issues in a basement is that they can create structural issues for the entire home. Here are some reasons why homeowners should Waterproof Basement in Fairfax VA. This should be on the upcoming list of things to do.

Protect the Home

Basement leaks from heavy rain or melting snow can be expensive to repair. The pocketbook can really take a hit when there are structural issues, cleanup, and mold as well as the replacement of anything that was damaged when there is a basement leak. Having a basement waterproofed reduces the chances that the home will experience leaks and offer protection of what’s inside.

More Energy Efficient

The humidity can make families feel sticky and uncomfortable. This is just part of the issue. When a basement isn’t waterproofed, it can get warm and wet during the summer months. The air conditioning system must work harder to cool the home, costing additional money from a utility standpoint. The additional humidity also encourages mold to grow, which is unhealthy for families.

Increase Home Value

Basement waterproofing is known to prevent cracks in the foundation, mold, and mildew. Also, there are fewer fluctuations in the temperature inside the home. Due to this, the home will be more appealing to potential buyers. Issues with water are considered highly likely, so the property value will increase. The current or future homeowners will not have to worry about costly foundation repairs and water damage in the future.

Those looking to waterproof basement in Fairfax VA can turn to a professional to evaluate the specific challenges that are being faced. Opting to waterproof a basement can be done as soon as a home is built, there is no reason to wait until a problem comes along. Go ahead and make it part of the initial construction. To get additional information or to schedule an appointment, contact us. This is an investment in the home that will pay for itself time and time again.

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