Reasons Why Workers Providing Lawn Maintenance in Long Island NY Recommend Aeration Nov07


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Reasons Why Workers Providing Lawn Maintenance in Long Island NY Recommend Aeration

Services for Lawn Maintenance in Long Island NY are available from professional landscapers who know how to make a residential property look superb with routine strategies. Examples of these activities include fertilizing, adding extra seed and aerating. Many people have never aerated a lawn and may wonder what this accomplishes.

How Aeration Is Done

During aeration, workers providing service for Lawn Maintenance in Long Island NY remove plugs of soil with a specialized tool. These cores of earth are about 3 inches long and 3/4 inches wide.

Spike aerating also can be done, but that only makes holes in the ground and does not remove any soil. The dirt can actually become more compacted with that method. One exception is a spike aerating device that is strapped to shoes. This is a more limited form of aerating that can be done whenever the property owner cuts the grass. It does not compact the soil.

Benefits of Aeration

After aeration, roots can travel more easily through the ground. Water and nutrients more easily reach roots with all these new openings in the earth. As the property owners walk around their yard over the few weeks, they can spot new grass root growth in those holes that have not yet filled in. Seeds can start growing more readily; this is the optimum time to add seed. All of this means the lawn becomes greener and thicker.

Dealing With the Cores

The plugs of soil may be broken into small pieces after removal so they do not dry out and lie there in the grass. That can be unsightly, especially since the color and size makes them look like something a dog has left behind. However, the cores should not be removed because they contain valuable nutrients that will gradually settle back into the earth.

Workers from a company such as AC Landscaping LTD may use a rake to break the clods before leaving for the day if the grass will not be cut within the next day or two. LTD, in this case, means a business that has been licensed or registered as a limited company.

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