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Reasons You May Need to Remove a Tree

Trees are fine elements to include in home landscaping. They are both visually pleasing and useful as they provide shade during the hot Denver CO days. But there come times when it is necessary to remove a tree and recognizing that need is important as the longer you wait the more serious the condition might become.

Trees die and hollow out over time. These are weakened and again could fall without warning. You should watch for dying branches at the top of the tree, trunk decay and the presence of large dead branches. These are all signs that the tree is ready for removal.

A tree planted to close to the house may look fine for many years but there will come a time when it has matured to the point where by size alone it threatens the house or other structures and is ready for removal. This is no time to be sentimental even if the tree has been special to the family. A tree close to the house or the pool or the garage or any structure or power line is no longer a thing of beauty. A windstorm or other natural event – even lightening – could cause that tree to fall resulting in expensive damage. Removal is essential

Large leaning trees are true candidates for removal. They are dangerous as their center of gravity has shifted with the lean and the tree could fall into the pool or on the car one night. These trees need to be removed and soon.

Trees can do serious damage through their roots. Slow steady and strong growth of roots can damage water lines, electric lines, sewage lines, leeching fields and even cable installations. Trees is poor positions should be considered for removal and it is important to have consultation in these cases.

There is time when the tree in question has become a nuisance, dripping sap and/or seeds onto the house, the car, the driveway or the patio. This is not likely to stop but for a few months a year and so removal is probably a good solution.

There are many other reasons for tree removal service in Denver CO and these may need consideration at particular locations. Landscaping may require tree removal in Denver CO; insects could weaken a tree and threaten other trees; and it is always a good idea to look for weakened areas on the branches.

Trees grow rapidly in Denver CO and they can become a danger before you have even noticed. Palms, rubber trees, fruit trees, oaks and sycamores – all of these can present conditions that make them suitable for removal. If you are concerned but not sure, it is best to contact a professional Tree Removal service in Denver CO before it is too late.

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