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Regular Maintenance Keeps Your Pool Working Smoothly in Long Island, NY

Maintaining your swimming pool takes a bit more work than simply adding water. Throughout the year, you need to put some effort into caring for your pool to save time and expense in the long run. Read on for tips to keep your pool in good shape.

Pool Opening

Removing the cover and checking equipment, such as the pump and motor, are among the obvious first steps in opening your pool for the summer. It’s essential to check the chemistry of the water for your safety and comfort, and you should test chemicals once per week or when you experience conditions, such as cloudy water or unpleasant odors. Easy-to-use testing kits can identify the problems.


You shouldn’t delay making repairs. Pumps, liners and plumbing are a few of the issues that may need to be fixed when your equipment isn’t working smoothly. Water loss, cracks and wrinkles may indicate it’s time for a pool liner replacement in Long Island, NY.

Regular Maintenance

Your daily routine for pool maintenance includes removing insects, leaves and other debris that may stain or damage your liner and make a pool liner replacement in Long Island, NY,necessary. Inspect your skimmer, pump, pump strainer, drains and filter weekly to ensure your circulation system is operating correctly.

Consult a Professional

The experienced team at Sky Blue Pools offers an array of services, including installation, repairs, weekly care and seasonal opening and closing maintenance, to keep your pool working safely and looking its best. Visit us for more details.

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