Remodeling Your Lee County Home? You’ll Need Storage Facilities During The Remodel

Remodeling a home is exciting. Homeowners plan down the last tile or granite counter in the kitchen and bath. While anticipation is arguably the best part of a remodel, it’s also true that remodeling is messy and loud. Instead of moving your fine furnishings and belongings to another room, might we respectfully suggest using our furniture storage service in Lee County, FL? As you browse our website, we’ll tell you why this is a good remodeling solution.

Dust, Dirt, And Nails, Oh, My

No matter how well you cover your fine furnishings in plastic, dirt and dust are insidious. They cover the plastic and infiltrate the coverings to get to your furniture. Nails, screws, and brads puncture the plastic to scratch your belongings. Getting them out of the way during the remodel is the only solution to keeping your fine furnishings pristine.


Even if the remodel crew clean up after themselves, some grit will always remain. You’ll find a fine film of grit in new cabinets, atop new granite counters, and always on the floor. A professional cleaning company is well versed in catching grit and removing it. With our furniture storage service in Lee County, FL, you can keep your furniture put away until all traces of grit and grime are removed from your newly remodeled house.

As you browse our website, you’ll notice that we pack, inventory, store, and return your fine belongings in excellent shape. You don’t have to lift a finger; we’ll take care of it for you. Contact Rice’s Moving & Transport, Inc. for more details.

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