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Repairing vs. Replacing Windshield

Modern windshields are made with two layers of transparent auto glass with a vinyl resin inner layer that held everything together thanks to automotive-grade urethane adhesive. Almost all countries with car manufacturing companies require vehicles to have windshields that stay in one piece even when broken. However, some windshields must be replaced, instead of repaired. Here’s a quick guide to determine if your vehicle needs windshield repair or replacement:

Auto Glass Repair

The U.S. National Windshield Repair Association has a set of criteria to guide auto shops and vehicle owners about whether a windshield can still be repaired. This criterion involves four factors – location, size, depth and type of damage.

  • Location: Even if the windshield only has a tiny crack, if the damage is exactly in the driver’s critical line of sight, this cannot be repaired. If both layers of glass or the inner layer are damaged, it can be very difficult to repair. If the damage reaches the edge of the window, it would affect the structural integrity of the windshield, roof, and other parts of the vehicle.
  • Size and depth: Cracks with the length of up to 24 inches (around 61cm) can still be repaired, if the auto glass has no severe damage. However, very long cracks beyond 24 inches must be replaced. Whether to repair or replace windshields based on the length of cracks may also be dependent on local and state laws.
  • Type: The type or shape of the damage on a windshield is also considered to determine if repair or replacement is needed. Crack chips, linear cracks, pits, dings, star-shaped damages, and circular bulls-eyes are the type of damages that can be repaired without the need to remove the glass. Complex cracks with multiple types cannot be repaired.

Repairs of auto glass take about 20 minutes. If done properly, the windshield could go back to about 90% of its original form.

Auto Glass Replacement

When repair isn’t an option, replacement of a windshield is the only solution. Although it would only take an hour for the windshield to be replaced, the vehicle cannot be driven right afterwards because the adhesives used in auto glass bonding must cure sufficiently. The only downside to replacement is the risk of bonding problems. If not properly bonded, the adhesive could fail if ever a crash occurs and cause injuries to occupants.

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