Replacing or Rebuilding Your Transmission in Chicago: Which Is the Best Choice? Jan16


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Replacing or Rebuilding Your Transmission in Chicago: Which Is the Best Choice?

The phrase “you need a new transmission” is something no car owner ever wants to hear. Replacing a Chicago transmission is one of the costliest automotive services because the work is so complex and time-consuming. When replacing a transmission there are two options: rebuilding and replacement. Which is the best option? S-O-S Transmissions can help you find it and get the job done quickly, efficiently, and at a fair price.

Transmission Rebuilding

When a transmission is rebuilt, the existing unit is completely disassembled and inspected. Damaged components are replaced, returning the transmission to factory specifications. In most instances, gaskets, seals, and other rubber parts are replaced, along with damaged mechanical components. When transmissions are rebuilt, older units can be refurbished with updated, safer, and more efficient parts.

Replacement Transmission Installation

Replacing a car’s transmission is a little misleading, as in most instances, it’s hard to find a new unit. Most shops use remanufactured transmissions, which are rebuilt in a factory. A remanufactured transmission provides a quick fix, but you may not get the most advanced parts and you have no input during the rebuilding or remanufacturing process.

Make the Right Choice With Help From a Local Transmission Expert

Deciding whether to rebuild or replace your transmission will likely come down to questions of time and cost. Having an expert from S-O-S Transmissions rebuild your Chicago transmission may cost a little more upfront and take a bit more time, but it will likely result in greater longevity and better performance. The other choice of installing a “new” transmission will still give you a functional, safe vehicle but you might not have as many choices. Whichever option you choose, it’s best to discuss the process with a local expert. Visit us online at or call S-O-S Transmissions to schedule an estimate.

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